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Hull's new non-profit creative community space

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Hub-A is an entirely non-profit art community building in Hull city centre


What's on offer?


The building has a variety of work, office and studio spaces available... For cheap!


What about resources?


We've got a print room, photography studio, library and meeting spaces available for members- Plus, a dedicated marketing team, offering freelance work opportunities for the artists working in the shared space.


How's it work?


Hub-A is funded completely through the affordable work spaces available- run by a team of dedicated volunteers, there's no wages, hidden costs or wallets to fill here! Every bit of your rent goes towards running costs and improving the available resources.


When can I take a look?


Email us at to arrange a tour! We're happy to offer personal tours of the spaces for interested individuals/groups, while we're working on a more secure entrance. Spaces are filling up fast, so get in touch now!

shared art space Personal work area and access to resources for individuals What it is: From £50 a month (£12.50 a week!), you can have your own desk and workspace in our creative studio area- Soak up inspiration from the other artists, and work as part of a community. You'll have access to the print room, photography studio, library, kitchen and meeting spaces as part of that price- a huge discount!
Lockers and furniture are provided.
office Space
Ideal for startup businesses & local creative companies
What it is: With office sizes available starting at just £150 a month, you can rent one of our large office spaces in Hull City Centre. Ideal for start-up businesses, marketing groups, design-based companies or even private offices for individuals.
photography studio
Easily-booked, white room with natural lighting + equipment What you get: With sessions starting from as little as £20 for 2 hours, you can make the most of our large, white studio.
Including lighting, backdrops, waiting area, seating, equipment, props and changing room. print room What we've got: Offering resources such as: 3D printer, laser cutter, digital fabric printing, mug printing, screen printing equipment, heat presses, badge maker, A3 printer, a dark room and more! Library What we've got: A vast collection of books: Covering graphic design, fashion, film, photography, marketing, social media, street art, street culture, comics, graphic art, animation, zines and more!

Hub-A, providing work experience opportunities with